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CARPAGE Music worthy of an Old Growth Forest, a powerful vocal performance, towering over a majestic portrait of the wilderness. Another highlight showing COA's unique originality. Favorite track: Crown of Asteria-The Refuge of Old Growth.
Sun Through Eyelids
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Sun Through Eyelids It was an absolute honour to be a part of this split, and I can safely say that these two monoliths Meghan has created are incredible.
Masterful drones in the background soaked with her signature theta inducing riffs topped with just the right production. She's done it again :) Favorite track: Crown of Asteria-The Manitou Passage.


Split between Crown of Asteria and Sun Through Eyelids

"Sun Through Eyelids from New Zealand produces healing, trance inducing drones that reintroduce the consciousness to the collective Ether. Melancholic, immersive and tranquil in nature, one can easily be transported from this world.

Crown of Asteria's side of the split is inspired by the travels through the Northern Old Growth Forests of Michigan and the legend and Myths of the Manitou Islands. Mantiou is the spiritual and fundamental life force understood by Algonquian groups of Native Americans. It is omnipresent and manifests everywhere: organisms, the environment, events, etc. Aashaa monetoo = “good spirit”, otshee monetoo = “bad spirit”. The Great Spirit, Aasha Monetoo, gave the land, when the world was created, to the Natives (in particular, the Shawnee).

Together these projects have brought the energy of each other's respective places of origin into one outlet. Honoring the natural world and every living thing. That is what you will find in Animism."


released July 28, 2016


Acoustic Guitar, Chanting, Drums on Sun Through Eyelids-M



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Crown of Asteria Michigan

Music that is a primordial longing. Imperfect. Hidden. A salve while waiting for the hiraeth to evaporate.

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