Crown of Asteria​-​Ritual I​:​The Hammer Rite

from by Crown of Asteria & Drowning Deeper



The “Hammer Rite” is simply a way of establishing ritual space. This space is not as distinct as what one finds in traditional wiccan circles. Rather, the Hammer Rite is more of a calling to indicate to ourselves, and to the gods, that we’re about to perform a ritual. Some have described it as a “ringing of the bell.”

When one performs a hammer rite, one doesn’t create an inside and outside, or even a “ritual geometric shape.” The purpose of a Hammer Rite is to establish that a given “space” is being used for ritual. It’s the recognition that we’re calling upon the gods and goddesses to be with us, as we exercise our will upon the universe.


from Empyrean Nocturnes, released March 29, 2017



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Crown of Asteria Michigan

Music that is a primordial longing. Imperfect. Hidden. A salve while waiting for the hiraeth to evaporate.

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