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released 11 August 2014

Bodhran, Flute, Additional Vocals-Ravenwood



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Track Name: Totem: Invocation of the Owl
Invocation of night
Wisdom forgotten
Transition of life

Messengers of the Moon
Harbinger of death
Beneath Firs they hide
Guardians of the sky


Keeper of spirits
Ghosts in time
Eyes awaken
Speak the words
Behind dawn they fly

Seer of souls
Carry me over
To the hidden depths of night
Those who speak the language of the trees, the wind, the moon, the sky.
Track Name: Protection For Passage
Above is the sky that I hold, and below is the earth that I mold,
Within the mountain the fire burns, beneath the surface the water churns,
I seek sanctuary from that which holds me wrong
Thus I plea and sing the Creators song
As my drums beat transcends the heavens through the sky
My feet stomp and shake the earth and send my cry
My spirit dances pure and strong, and the Creators light pierces the veil
You shall not bear me harm, and my faith and love will not fail
Be gone now this day never to return, in the name of the old one
By air and sky, and sea, by fire let my spirit be free and done.
Track Name: Vines in the Marrow, Bones in the Fire
Solitude away from all
The incandescent stars fade
The world curtain is torn
Fall over now
Let the river carry on

This transient life
Fragile mortality
In illumination I stand
When bones return to ash
I find escape

Back to the stars
Home from here
The journey has ended
I'm weary, ready to sleep

Tear this heart from me
Let it be buried beneath this ground
Blood from above stay hungering hands
From those who wish to desecrate these sacred lands
From felled trees, to waters beneath
Here I lay, here I sleep