Northwest​/​South of No North

by Crown of Asteria & Dhampyr

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I. Isle Royale

An ode to the beautiful, pristine wilderness of Isle Royale. A place shrouded in ancestral lore, myth and haunted shores.

II. Mishibijiw

An Underwater Panther, called Mishipeshu or Mishibijiw in Ojibwe, is one of the most important of several water beings among many Great Lakes and Northeastern Woodlands Indians, particularly among the Anishinaabe peoples.

Mishipeshu translates into "The Great Lynx." It has the head and paws of a giant cat but is covered in scales and has dagger-like spikes running along its back and tail. Mishipeshu calls Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior his home and is a powerful creature in the mythological traditions of some American Indian tribes, particularly Anishinaabe tribes, the Odawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi, of the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States. In addition to the Anishinaabeg, Innu also have Mishibizhiw stories.

III. 48°5′6″N 88°45′53″W

The Kamloops was dispatched up the Great Lakes in late November 1927, carrying a mixed cargo of paper making machinery, coiled wire for range fencing, shoes, foodstuffs, piping, and tar paper. On 1 December, the steamer called at Courtright, Ontario, to top off its cargo with some bagged salt. It then steamed up Lake Huron, passed through the Sault Ste. Marie Canal on 4 December, and faced the challenge of Lake Superior.

Unfortunately for the Kamloops and other vessels assigned to Lake Superior runs, a massive storm began hammering the lake on 5 December. The Kamloops, heavily coated with ice, was last seen steaming towards the southeastern shore of Isle Royale at dusk on the following day, 6 December. A search for the vessel began on 12 December, concentrating on the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale; the search continued until 22 December.However, the ship and the 22 men and women aboard were never again seen alive.

When the 1928 navigation season opened in April, a further search was made for wreckage from the Kamloops. In May, fishermen discovered the remains of several crew members at Twelve O'Clock Point on Isle Royale (erroneously reported to be on the nearby Amygdaloid Island) In addition, wreckage from the ship was discovered ashore. In June, more bodies were discovered, and a more comprehensive search for the wreck and crew members was undertaken, but nothing was found.

For fifty years, the Kamloops was one of the Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes, having sunk without a trace. However, on 21 August 1977,her wreck was discovered northwest of Isle Royale, near what is now known as Kamloops Point, by a group of sport divers carrying out a systematic search for the ship. The wreck was discovered sitting on the lake bottom under more than 270 feet (80 m) of water. The ship is lying on its starboard side at the bottom of an underwater cliff. Cargo is strewn near the ship on the lake floor and the holds still contain wire fencing, high-top shoes, candy life-savers, and crates of Honey Bee molasses.There are still human remains aboard the ship. Approximately 50 dives were made to the Kamloops in 2009 out of 1062 dives made to wrecks in the Isle Royale National Park. The cause of her sinking remained a mystery as of 2007.

The Kamloops features prominently in the novel Superior Death by Nevada Barr. The body of a contemporary diver is found together with the historical human remains in the ship's engine room.

*Sea Shanty melody arranged from Traditional Irish Melodies.

Crown of Asteria's side of Split between Dhampyr and Crown of Asteria

Crown of Asteria's side is titled " Northwest"


released 23 February 2015

Artwork-Meghan. Photo taken at Lake Ovid, Michigan.

All instruments-Meghan



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